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. "We love you and invite you to come any time and experience both Jesus and West Hill Church of Christ members."

The family of West Hill Church of Christ wants to welcome you on behalf of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us for our worship service this Sunday. Our family of faith is dedicated to lifting up the name of Jesus and making His name known. We also believe in building relationships and equipping every Christian to share the “good news” wherever they go.

Bro. Zebedee Moore








. "We love you and invite you to come any time and experience both Jesus and West Hill Church of Christ members."


Bro. J.C. Moore

Brother J.C. Moore is a sincere and driven young man whose mission is bringing souls to Christ. One of his many goals includes enhancing the desire in young people to uplift God and to prioritize their walk with our Heavenly Father. He is also dedicated to seeing young people excel as they continue to thrive in their spiritual relationship with God.

Brother J.C. Moore graduated from Central High School in Pueblo Colorado. He put on Christ at a young age and was inspired to further his education at Southwestern Christian University where he majored in Bible and Ministry from 2002-2004. He went on to Argosy University in Atlanta Georgia where pursued a BA in Psychology.

Brother J.C Moore's passion and expertise as a servant in God's Vineyard includes Youth Ministry, Congregational Preaching, Classroom Teaching, Exegesis Scripture, Evangelistic Classes, Door Knocking, Youth Conferences, Textual Studies, Counselling, Motivational Speaking, and Youth Rallies to name a few.

Brother J.C. Moore has served in several areas throughout his spiritual walk. In 2007-2009, he served as the Assistant Minister at West Hill Church of Christ under the leadership of his father, Brother Zebedee Moore, in Valdosta Georgia.  He was then called to serve as the Interim Minister at Fidelity Church of Christ in Houston, Texas in 2009-2010. Brother Moore is currently serving, delivering, and winning souls for Christ as an Assistant Minister at West Hill Church of Christ in Valdosta Georgia.

His ministry experience has not been limited to within the states. Brother Moore has been blessed to travel abroad conducting Missionary work in Central America in 2005. He worked along with Dr. John Henry Clay in Belize. There he held a two weeks gospel meeting, preaching and baptizing 23 souls in Belize's only prison. He served as co-leader for a two weeks gospel meeting with his father at the Highburg Park Church of Christ in Nassau Bahamas in July of 2006. He has also travelled to South Africa in September of 2010, conducting Missionary work and saving souls.

Brother J.C. Moore is a proven visionary whose aspirations is to see all that he comes in contact with have the opportunity to put on Christ in baptism.







Zebedee Moore degree. He also graduated from Oklahoma Christian College with a BS degree in 1965. His graduate work in Psychology was done at Valdosta State University. He served as Youth Minister of the East Dallas Church of Christ in Dallas Texas. He served as Minister of the 16th McKenny Church of Christ in Van Augustine, Texas. He served as Minister of the First & Missouri Church of Christ, Chickasha, Oklahoma. He served as Minister of the Florence Street Church of Christ from 165-1969,DJ and Religious Director at WAUG Radio Station in Augusta, Georgia from 1966-1969. He served as Minister of the West Adair Church of Christ, Valdosta,Georgia. He served as Program Director for C.E.T.A., Coastal Plain, E.O.A., 1969-1978. He served as Minister of the Westside Church of Christ, Jacksonville, Florida 1979-1984 Served as Minister of River Street Church of Christ, Valdosta, Georgia, 1984-1988. He has traveled and preached the Gospel to over forty states and five foreign countries from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, also from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico (Bahamas, Canada, France and West Africa and England).